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Scene graphs are a common data-structure in computer gaming. A scene graph consists of 3D objects and object components, together with their position and 3D shape and texture information (for example: [Strauss 1993]). In SBR, scene graphs are used in the basic scene data-structure.

Figure 1: A man stands in front of a table

The scene in figure 1 may be created by a Render Engine using the following scene graph:

Figure 2: The scene graph for figure 1

Scene Graph to 2D Image

This operation is performed by a computer gaming Render Engine with acceleration from a graphics card.

2D Image to Scene Graph

This operation is performed by the 3D Reconstruction subsystem and may produce ambiguous results.


TinyCog does not use or implement scene graphs yet, because it is designed to work in simulation environments. Future implementations of Scene Based Reasoning may focus more on real-world interactions and implement this part.