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A number of papers are relevant to TinyCog and Scene Based Reasoning. Please find below in inverse chronological order:

  • Scene Based Reasoning - AGI 2015 Paper (2015)
    This paper describes Scene Based Reasoning (SBR), a cognitive architecture based on the notions of "scene" and "plan". Scenes represent real world 3D scenes as well as planner states. Introspection maps internal SBR data-structures into 2D "scene diagrams" for self-modeling and meta-reasoning.
  • Scene Based Reasoning - Initial sketch (2014)
    We propose to use "scenes" as nodes in AI production systems. Scenes are 3 dimensional representations of real-world objects created from 2D images represented by "scene graphs" known from computer graphics. "Scripts" or sequences of scenes represent the movement of objects through time and are used as rules for production systems
  • Optimizations and Parameters in Flex++ (1997)
    The application of Description Logics (DL) to natural language processing (DL) is one of the most promising approaches to many linguistic problems. However, when dealing with real-world language fragments, performance problems appear due to the rapidly...
  • FLEX System KIT Report 124 (1995)
    This report describes the Description Logic (DL) system FLEX. It consists of a brief overview over the field of Description Logics in general and the characteristics of FLEX, a tutorial...
  • Deriving Inference Rules for DL A Rewriting Approach into Sequent Calculi (1993)
    Description Logics (DL) can be investigated under different perspectives. The aim of this report is to provide the basis for a tighter combination of theoretical investigations with issues arising in the actual...